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A lot of authors these days want to Independently Publish their books.

This is no bad thing if you have the ability to present your work in a professional style.

Unfortunately a lot of independently published authors have absolutely no idea, how to edit or proof read. Both are skills in their own right, and should not be taken lightly.

And of course, you don't see your work with a dispassionate eye. Why would you? You have slaved away, created from the inner recesses of your imagination, in your opinion, the perfect, saleable product.

Or have you?

Chances are you haven't. At least, not until whatever it is you have written, is presented in such a way that the reading public will take it seriously.

Nicky Fitzmaurice and SatinPublishing, provides for the aspiring author everything they need from the initial editing and proof reading, to choosing the perfect cover graphics.

She is in short – the perfect author resource for the budding international best seller. 


Independent Publisher to Independent Authors

Making your dreams of being published come true!

I have one of the best jobs in the world! I get to make other people’s dreams come true!
More than that, it speaks to me. I grew up in a world of writers and authors, and so I have seen how the oxygenated blood, the odious sweat and those broken tears are poured into manuscripts with such loving care.
Would you honestly send a part of your bared soul to be audited by someone who hardly knows you? No way!
I like working sympathetically with my authors, get to know you a little, to ‘hear your voice’ amongst the words and bring your book/s to the very pinnacle of perfection that they can be.
A traditional publisher will tick you off from their ‘done’ box and move on; Whereas, I like to breathe your happiness and pride when I take your beautifully completed book to publishing.
Costs always play an essential part in anyone’s endeavours, and that is why I chose Independent Publishing. I don’t offer the ‘big boy’s’ marketing, but I do give you 100% in the most professional editing and publishing available. I am also very proud to say that every single one of my author’s has been delighted with my skills. Don’t believe me? Check out my testimonials on
Which leads me on to two fantastic authors to watch out for, (available on Amazon):

GK Kingsley

More about the author: GK Kingsley is a Northamptonshire based writer of both fiction and what she calls Pick-me-up Pearls (aka weeny bits of verse). In her own unique way, she regularly shares illustrated bite-size bits of upbeat poetry that lift your day. Taking every day challenges, she turns the pesky mites upside down and leaves you with a new thought to make you smile. Not content with ‘just’ writing fiction for your pleasure, along with snippets of humorous poetry, she also regularly appears on BBC Radio Northampton with Rob Adcock, summarising the week's events and news in a fun and lively poem. If your spirits are in need of a lift, a quirky dose of GK Kingsley won’t let you down.

Virginia Burges

About the book: Ever since her emergence as a child prodigy Isabelle Bryant has only ever known one love – her violin. Then, aged 32, at the height of her career, the unthinkable happens. What do you do when everything depends on the dexterity of your fingers, only to lose them in a horrifying instant? Devastated and vulnerable in the aftermath of her accident, Isabelle struggles to find new meaning in her life. Her perilous path of self-discovery leads her to Vienna, the historic city home of her musical hero, Beethoven; and into the arms of the man who will become her lover. As her personal journey progresses, she takes on new opportunities and has to face disturbing revelations, all of which have the power to make her or break her – all over again.

My Quickie Review

Pitchforks and Pina Coladas.. by

G K Kinglsey

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wickedly funny and well written, humorous book.

A definite way to lift away any autumn blues.

The Virtuoso .. by Virginia Burges

Another good read from the house of SatinPublishing. The plot gets inside you as you find yourself both outraged, and equally sympathetic towards the heroine and her twisting journey through life.

I have included the UK and USA Amazon links for both books, should you want to rush off an buy a copy -- which would be a great idea. 

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