Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Warlock's Woman – Warriors of the Light, Trilogy
In a desperate flight from a satanic warlock - talented psychic Erin is finding refuge in a haunted penthouse, and falling in love with the ghost who lives there. But her psychotic ex-lover is not giving up; he’s coming to claim her back.
To save her soul, and be with the ghost she loves, she’s got to destroy the source of the warlock’s power – his coven – hidden in a dark impregnable castle high in the Bavarian mountains. There’s only one way in – by astral travel. When she meets the mysterious Jorgen, she discovers the real power is an evil demon - Tal-gah-mel, and he’s out to destroy the world.

She’s got to find a way to save her soul, save her ghost, and save the world…………a story beyond dimensions.  

Available on of adventure  with ghosts and demons and a surprise twist at the end....of course.

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