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The Dance Macabre --

The Riotous Writer

Halloween Horror Story

Following on from my article about the Unique Selling Point, to book sales. I've not written this story in my usual way

As an experiment in style, I've written it in the first person.

I hope you enjoy this short tale of revenge, and retribution, and that you all have a very happy, and enjoyably spooky Halloween night.

The Dance Macabre

I know well the evil that men and women do. I was once such a man.

Born of the Beast I was.

I lived my life in the embrace of evil. No creature knows better than me what lurks deep within the hearts of humankind. My emotions bleached of any sympathy to those I killed.

It is a kinship I share with the kind I seek. The vilest of those who prey upon the defenseless.

My wicked deeds – they are done. Long in the past of my memory. My penance eternal.

I serve justice to those who have the Beast within them.
Swift. Cruel. Lethal.

And the punishment will always fit the crime.

I have so little time. One whole day a year, from midnight to midnight is all I have. So I make my choices in the dark shadows that I inhabit with great care.

As one day slips into the next – I  return to the physical world and seek out my prey-- I am an avenger.

I watch three young people sit idly chatting together on a front porch. Innocuous. They look no different from thousands of other young people sitting in the shade, sheltering from a hot afternoon sun. Only they are different.

You see. These three are the ones I have chosen so carefully. Tammy Winola, Richard Mason and Kevin Mason – will suffer their fates before the day changes to another.


I'm bored. An I wish that yapping creature across the fence would shut it's damn noisy mouth.” Tammy Winola, is sixteen, sexually virginal, at least that's what she'd have her parents believe. Nothing about Tammy is what it seems.

The dog continues to bark.

Tammy screams in annoyance, shouting at the two boys sharing the porch with her. “You wanna do something for me? Get the next-door's dog, and bring it here.”

Kevin, and Richard Mason, fifteen and seventeen, want to be her lovers. Her fragrance wafts a sweet scented aroma across the summer afternoon at them. They feel their loins stirring, and hope today will be the day she lets them inside her body.

The elder of the two boys replies, wanting something for something, “What do get if we do?”

You wanna see me naked?” She knows they do. Maybe she will show them maybe she won't. She knows they will take the chance that she will, and do whatever it is she wants of them.

Two heads nod vigorously.

Then go get that yapping dog - and bring it here to me.”

Slick smiles light their cunning faces. She's going to entertain them. Neither boy is sure which is best. Her nakedness or what she's about to do.

Filled by an unholy eagerness to find out, they hurry from the porch and head for the neighbour's yard.

Tammy Winola is lovely to look at. She keeps her long blond hair brushed so that it shines like the sun she is hiding from. Her ready laugh and deep blue eyes fool her many admires with what they imagine is a pure soul.

With Tammy beauty is only skin deep. She is as ugly beneath as she is beautiful on the outside. There is nothing pure about her soul. It is as black as the abyss she is destined for.

The dog is easy to steal. It's trusting nature leads it straight into the arms of it's soon to be tormentors.

The Mason boys, bring their sacrificial offering to her, anticipation spreads across two expectant faces. They hope, perhaps this time, she'll show them more than naked. Perhaps she'll get it on with them.

To Tammy it is not a dog. It is merely a thing. An object that will momentarily satiate the demonic need for death gnawing inside her. She is diseased by the desire to kill living beings. It will never go away this feeling she has. She will only stop her killing, when I take her from the world she infects.

Deep blue eyes darken to a maniacal black. That perfect mouth erupts in a torrent of pleasured screams as this monster falls upon the terrified creature. Frenzied, she slams her shoe-less foot into the warm soft body of the small dog. The sensual feel of it's tearing skin connecting to her naked flesh feeds her lust, increasing her savagery. She dances wildly around the whimpering creature, kicking and kicking until it is nothing more that a pulp of matted fur and blood.

Tammy Winola, has danced the dance macabre.

Wiping her feet clean, she pants from her efforts, and points to the lifeless body saying breathlessly to her two grinning companions, “It's disgusting. Dump it back where you got it from.”

There is no pity in this girl for what she has done. She thinks only of what she will do next.

She craves to kill again. This time it is a child that will satisfy her thirst to dance again the dance macabre. The dance of death.

She looks with contempt at the two weak minded fools before her, salivating with desire, for what she has no intention of giving them.

Knowing they will do anything to earn her approval gives her absolute power over them. “I'm bored. Find me something better than just a dog. Get me a kid. Get me your baby sister.” She demands of her familiars.

The boys exchange unsure sideways glances.

Their reticence is not unexpected. No matter. Manipulation, easy. She says, “You're not gonna do what I want? You sure?” Leaning back in the chair she lifts her skirt high. It's impossible for them to hold back as she opens her legs. Her nakedness fuels their evil. They lunge toward her. Snapping her legs shut tight, she says again, “You're not gonna do what I want?” Then laughs opening her legs, two and fro tantalizing their hunger to know what she feels like as they throb within her.

Every soul has two paths to take. One path takes them to righteousness. The other. The other - is the path to hell.

Tammy Winola – has chosen. And her followers have chosen to go where she leads them.

There is no turning back for these three damned souls. And now the time has come for me to show them the error of their ways. And the punishment will fit their crimes.

I have laid my plan well – but then I have had a lot of practise.

I use their weaknesses against them. Their depravity. Their evil. Are my weapons.

Not far from the porch is a large thicket. A dense tree-line hides the place from the houses near by. In the middle of this thicket is a wide clearing. Behind the trees heavy with dark green summer foliage, is a sinister evil.

The three know this place well. It is here they have killed here many times before. Ten bodies lay beneath the earth, covered by a multi coloured carpet of rotting leaves.

Tonight they plan to kill again – but this time, Tammy has taken their grisly game to a new level.

As soon as the sun goes down they meet as planned. The density of the trees around allows only a dim moonlight to penetrate.

Where is she?” Tammy demands waving a flashlight in their faces.

The boys have come empty handed.

They stammer out their excuses.

I was going to let you have me tonight. Now you will get nothing.” She again shows them the place between her legs that they have desired for so long.

I speak to Kevin and Richard's evil. And they see me but only they can hear my words clearly spoken. I speak of what they have often thought of but never dared to do.

Just take her. Why not? Then when you are done with her body. Give to her what she would have given to your baby sister, and then to you. Giver her death.”

She won't kill us.” I hear the hesitation in their voices. They both know that some day – she will probably kill them both.

What will happen to us, if we do what you say?” They ask.

Why nothing.” I reply. “No one will know, how could they? Bury her here. Who can find her here. Have you not buried here before? The old man, homeless and alone. The old man that no one would miss. The little girl whose mother waits everyday for her safe return. And the others. Your school friend. Has anyone found them? But you will have to kill her once you have taken her. If you don't she will kill you both in revenge.”

Yeah. We know.” They say agreeing with me.

Tammy neither sees nor hears any of our conversation.

Don't wait too long. You will never get another chance.” They have no idea how right I am.

Heads together they whisper their decision on Tammy's fate.

It is Tammy's turn to listen to my alluring words.

They should have brought you what you asked for. They are going to turn against you. They are going to rape and kill you. Or worse. Tell the police what you have done. And let you, and you alone, take the blame for all the death hidden here. ” I tell her.

She glances furtively across at the whispering boys.

Lowering her voice, matching their whispers she says, “They wouldn't. They are nothings. Nothings without me and they know it. They do as I tell them. They obey me.”

She is indignant – but fearful. She knows exactly what her two companions are capable of. She has watched them kill, and seen the pleasure on their faces as they did so.

And so it begins.... the dance macabre.

Richard takes her body first. He's the eldest. He says it was his right. Tammy's struggles as he forces himself inside her are sweeter than he had ever imagined. She's not his first. There are five bodies of young women buried, left to rot beneath the thicket earth without so much as a casual thought to who they were. Richard raped each one before Tammy kicked the life out of them. None of them struggled as violently as Tammy. He had told them, “Be still. When it's over. I'll let you go.” He'd lied.

Next time he took a girl he wouldn't lie to her.

Kevin waits, and then it's his turn. Tammy is the first woman he has ever felt inside of. And I shall make sure she is his last.

Tammy never saw the first blow coming.

One after the other they hit, and kick on her fragile frame. They dance the dance macabre, until Tammy Winola's spirit rises up for me to take.

The sound of sirens wailing, and blue lights flashing fill the clearing. The denizens of the law. The upholders of good against evil have answered my call.

Tammy's blood soaked killers know there is nowhere for them to run. Their fate is sealed. They wait in hopeless desperation as the small army of police descend through the trees.

Looks like there's several bodies buried here. You guys have been real busy ” An officer accuses.

Those were not us.” Richard and Kevin wail in protest,“Tammy did for them.”

Who will believe their denials? Who will believe lies told by killers of such a beautiful, innocent girl. Her family will morn her, and lay flowers on her undeserving grave never knowing what they had spawned.

What will happen to us?” Richard and Kevin ask me as their hands are roughly handcuffed behind their backs.

The grim faced policeman cannot see me. “Looking at what you two have done. Death row, and the road to hell, I should think.” He answers their question for me.

Tammy's soul is bound to me for eternity. “Where are we going?” She asks as I lead her along the path of no redemption.

To hell's eternal damnation.” I reply.

Happy Halloween Folks

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mid-Week Rant

Mid-Week Rant

I am a big fan of Facebook. I love the interaction between myself, and my friends. And the very fact that I have met through Facebook, such a diverse, and international bunch of great people, gives me intense joy.

So to my good friends – please don't think this rant is about you. It isn't.

I am ranting about the xenophobic rhetoric that has insidiously invaded Facebook.

I am seeing lots of emotive anti-refugee pictures with equally anti, and emotive comments attached. And it terrifies me.

Some of these images originate from extremist organisations. I won't name the organisations because I won't give them the publicity.

Of course, I believe we should take care of our homeless. I also believe our veteran soldiers should be honoured and respected without restraint, and have our total support.

I wear my poppy with pride, and shall on Armistice Day, remember the fallen of the past two world wars.

The male members of my family fought in both world wars – and several of them won medals. One uncle (a British solider) was awarded France's, Croix de Guerre for his bravery in the first world war. Although my name does not appear English, I am very English with my family tree documented to the early 12th century. I say this – to stop in their tracks, anyone, who would like to point out I am a foreigner. I'm not. Just using my married name.

I am writing this article because I find it very difficult to see this lack of humanity, and understanding for the people fleeing from a war zone from some of my fellow countrymen.

As a mother, I can appreciate that to put a life-jacket on my baby, and risk evil traffickers, and dangerous seas, not knowing if you and your family will be safe at the end of your journey - that mother's plight, must be desperate.

Pictures are easily manipulated to produce an image that is untrue – it's called propaganda. Don't be fooled by it.

There were many good German people who did not vote for the Nazi party before the second world war – but those voices of dissent went unheard. Why? For one reason – emotive propaganda.

This article is not about the rights and wrongs of the middle east wars or the evil barbarity they have thrown up. It is a simple message to have a open mind, and remember, when looking at the images we see circulating through social media that they may or may not be true.

I hope, one day – we can all live in peace and harmony – together as one world. And tackle the real danger to this planet. Pollution in all its' forms, whether it is global warming or simply exhausting the earth's resources or destroying the environment we all share.

We should cherish this wonderful planet for its' diversity, and utter beauty. Without a sustainable living planet, we simply cease to exist.

And then – what will any of what is going on in the world today – matter?

thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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Monday, 26 October 2015

The Independent Author's Publisher


                 on SatinPublishing

A lot of authors these days want to Independently Publish their books.

This is no bad thing if you have the ability to present your work in a professional style.

Unfortunately a lot of independently published authors have absolutely no idea, how to edit or proof read. Both are skills in their own right, and should not be taken lightly.

And of course, you don't see your work with a dispassionate eye. Why would you? You have slaved away, created from the inner recesses of your imagination, in your opinion, the perfect, saleable product.

Or have you?

Chances are you haven't. At least, not until whatever it is you have written, is presented in such a way that the reading public will take it seriously.

Nicky Fitzmaurice and SatinPublishing, provides for the aspiring author everything they need from the initial editing and proof reading, to choosing the perfect cover graphics.

She is in short – the perfect author resource for the budding international best seller. 


Independent Publisher to Independent Authors

Making your dreams of being published come true!

I have one of the best jobs in the world! I get to make other people’s dreams come true!
More than that, it speaks to me. I grew up in a world of writers and authors, and so I have seen how the oxygenated blood, the odious sweat and those broken tears are poured into manuscripts with such loving care.
Would you honestly send a part of your bared soul to be audited by someone who hardly knows you? No way!
I like working sympathetically with my authors, get to know you a little, to ‘hear your voice’ amongst the words and bring your book/s to the very pinnacle of perfection that they can be.
A traditional publisher will tick you off from their ‘done’ box and move on; Whereas, I like to breathe your happiness and pride when I take your beautifully completed book to publishing.
Costs always play an essential part in anyone’s endeavours, and that is why I chose Independent Publishing. I don’t offer the ‘big boy’s’ marketing, but I do give you 100% in the most professional editing and publishing available. I am also very proud to say that every single one of my author’s has been delighted with my skills. Don’t believe me? Check out my testimonials on
Which leads me on to two fantastic authors to watch out for, (available on Amazon):

GK Kingsley

More about the author: GK Kingsley is a Northamptonshire based writer of both fiction and what she calls Pick-me-up Pearls (aka weeny bits of verse). In her own unique way, she regularly shares illustrated bite-size bits of upbeat poetry that lift your day. Taking every day challenges, she turns the pesky mites upside down and leaves you with a new thought to make you smile. Not content with ‘just’ writing fiction for your pleasure, along with snippets of humorous poetry, she also regularly appears on BBC Radio Northampton with Rob Adcock, summarising the week's events and news in a fun and lively poem. If your spirits are in need of a lift, a quirky dose of GK Kingsley won’t let you down.

Virginia Burges

About the book: Ever since her emergence as a child prodigy Isabelle Bryant has only ever known one love – her violin. Then, aged 32, at the height of her career, the unthinkable happens. What do you do when everything depends on the dexterity of your fingers, only to lose them in a horrifying instant? Devastated and vulnerable in the aftermath of her accident, Isabelle struggles to find new meaning in her life. Her perilous path of self-discovery leads her to Vienna, the historic city home of her musical hero, Beethoven; and into the arms of the man who will become her lover. As her personal journey progresses, she takes on new opportunities and has to face disturbing revelations, all of which have the power to make her or break her – all over again.

My Quickie Review

Pitchforks and Pina Coladas.. by

G K Kinglsey

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wickedly funny and well written, humorous book.

A definite way to lift away any autumn blues.

The Virtuoso .. by Virginia Burges

Another good read from the house of SatinPublishing. The plot gets inside you as you find yourself both outraged, and equally sympathetic towards the heroine and her twisting journey through life.

I have included the UK and USA Amazon links for both books, should you want to rush off an buy a copy -- which would be a great idea. 

thanks for reading this post...
The Riotous Writer

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lazy Sunday Book


The Death Catcher – by Robert S Wilson.

The only bad thing I have to say about this book, is that it is a short-story.

It's got a brilliant concept to the story-line, and the writing style is excellent. Had me gripped from page one.

As I've said, it's short but worth downloading, even though it won't take long to read.

My next choice as the first is so short – is an old classic – Bram Stoker's ---

Dracula –

It's the 1897 edition, which I think is appropriate, considering next Saturday is Halloween.

We all know the story of the blood thirsty Count D, so I won't go into detail.

The reason I have chosen this particular book is because of the edition age, it is free. Why pay money for a new version when you can have the original for no cost at all?

I would hate you all to think I'm a cheapskate, I'm not – but hey struggling authors are not rich, and we do so love to read books as well as write them.

Having scrolled through the Dracula copies on Amazon that have a cost attached to them, I see nothing different apart from a snazzy cover. The prose is exactly the same.

Okay, you might say the writing is old fashioned – but then so is Shakespeare or Jane Austin or any of the Classics, and they are all still worth reading. In fact I think, if you want to write good books, reading classic literature is essential. 

If you want to write good literature, you have to read great literature.

As usual, I have given you both the UK and the USA links for the books featured on  - The Lazy Sunday Review.

Book status - free as of Sunday morning - 25th October 2015.

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lazy Sunday Book Review

Lazy Sunday Book Review

I take books at random from the Amazon free book list, read the synopsis, and if a book grabs my interest, I down-load it.

I do get caught out from time to time, last week for sure, but then I also sometimes, find an exceptionally good book. 

Petite Confessions by Vicky Lesage is one of those books.

Laughed – I wet my knickers giggling at the authors antics in Paris.

The book is not in any sense a story – rather a set of anecdotes about the American author's life in Paris.

She's happy to tell all, and never mind the embarrassment. Neither is she afraid to admit she's a party girl, who equally enjoys the French vino.

Added to the pleasure of this book, is that at then end of each chapter, is a recipe for a delicious looking cocktail.

Chapter 17 – 10 Ways Living In Paris Is Like Dental Work – hit a home run with me. I have to go to the dentist on Monday.

Whilst nursing this unexpected tooth problem, a funny Sunday read with the good excuse to try out the alcoholic cocktail recipes is much more appealing, than chucking down a couple of aspirins. Which, by the way, don't appear to be working that well.

Her recipe – The Fluoride Treatment – strikes me as a much better way of numbing my throbbing tooth pain.

I wonder if the dentist, would mind if I came armed with a pitcher of Rockin' Mojitos.

It's not a long book, I suppose any longer and it could get boring but to simply enjoy, laugh with the author, and not take it at all seriously it's makes for a very enjoyable read.

I've included the link to Amazon. (free status checked Sunday)

Petite Confessions by Vicky Lesage
Published by Party Girl Press

As like most people, I enjoy a freebie, so all the books for the Lazy Sunday book reviews are taken from Amazon's free book list.

I am no longer rating the books on this short review because if I don't like them, I shan't post them. 

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

USP The Holy Grail of writing.....

How's your USP?

Don't know what I'm talking about?

I'm talking about your – Unique Selling Point.

How come – Fifty Shades of Grey made so much money for the author when a better title would have been Fifty shades of Crap?

Simple. E L James, hit it right with a unique selling point. Porn you could read on the tube without feeling dirty.

So how easy is it to find this magical thing?

It's not. If it were, us writers would all be multi-millionaires making regular trips to checkout our piles of money sitting in Swiss bank accounts.

That's the thing about a USP. It's unique.

Finding one, is like finding the holy grail.

I've written two Paranormal books, published through a respectable publisher in the USA. My alien vampire novel, Half Blood has won awards, one for Best Adventure Novel, 2013, and another for Best Paranormal Novel, 2013.

As books go, they have done reasonably well. Not Swiss bank account well.

Quoting, Ed Wood, 'The next one will be better.'

I've certainly changed the type of genre I usually write to something quite different, and hopefully – unique.

I took a long look at past best selling books, and why they were successful.

Whilst it's true, in a lot of cases success came purely because of the author was a talented writer.

That can't be said, for Fifth Shades of Grey, and a few other best sellers I've read.

E L James, is not a great writer, certainly not in the same league as, Harper Lee, Virginia Woolf and the more contemporary writers, such as Myra Angelou, and Danielle Steel.

That hasn't stopped her from becoming seriously wealthy from Fifty Shades. How much money the sequels have made her, I don't know – probably not as much as the first unique book. The one that everybody became obsessed with reading.

I've actually seen her books in the, buy one get one free sections of books stores – why?

The books are no longer unique.

Now's the time for all you writers out there in wonder-world to take the challenge, and write that uniquely desirable best seller.

So how do you find this holy grail?

What do you write about? World events. Predicted catastrophes, the supernatural. There's always climate change, that's usually pretty good for a dramatic story.

It's not the topic, after all there is nothing new about S & M and bondage sex. What was new about Fifty Shades of Grey was that it brought into the open, what is quite frankly perverted sex, in an acceptable way to read pornography by stylising it into a romance.

The story had a twist, or was twisted, depending on your point of view. No matter whether the book was universally slammed by many of the literary critics as badly written, which I think it is, the sales of the book made it's author too rich to give a damn what anyone says about it.

The point I'm trying to make, is not that E L James, is a good writer and had something new or that her story hit a certain mood at the right moment in time.

It was that she approached her subject in a unique way. She took a rather seedy subject line, and gave it a Mills and Boon angle.

Young impressionable girl meets wealthy guy, becomes obsessive about their relationship. He's a basic nut job with lots of issues, and sex with him is like nothing she's had before.

The Unique Selling Point, is that coupling the two, no pun intended, gave the story a new edge. The public, whether reading or film buffs, are always looking for something they have not seen or read before.

It can be argued that she hit lucky, which up to a point, she did. All success stories have to have a slice of luck in them somewhere. It wasn't luck though that made the book a sell out success, it was that it was different to the normal sexually explicit novels.

That was her USP.

Search for a difference to your story, take a new approach to your subject, and maybe you will be the next E L James.

I wish you that slice of luck ---

thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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