Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lazy Sunday Book


The Death Catcher – by Robert S Wilson.

The only bad thing I have to say about this book, is that it is a short-story.

It's got a brilliant concept to the story-line, and the writing style is excellent. Had me gripped from page one.

As I've said, it's short but worth downloading, even though it won't take long to read.

My next choice as the first is so short – is an old classic – Bram Stoker's ---

Dracula –

It's the 1897 edition, which I think is appropriate, considering next Saturday is Halloween.

We all know the story of the blood thirsty Count D, so I won't go into detail.

The reason I have chosen this particular book is because of the edition age, it is free. Why pay money for a new version when you can have the original for no cost at all?

I would hate you all to think I'm a cheapskate, I'm not – but hey struggling authors are not rich, and we do so love to read books as well as write them.

Having scrolled through the Dracula copies on Amazon that have a cost attached to them, I see nothing different apart from a snazzy cover. The prose is exactly the same.

Okay, you might say the writing is old fashioned – but then so is Shakespeare or Jane Austin or any of the Classics, and they are all still worth reading. In fact I think, if you want to write good books, reading classic literature is essential. 

If you want to write good literature, you have to read great literature.

As usual, I have given you both the UK and the USA links for the books featured on  - The Lazy Sunday Review.

Book status - free as of Sunday morning - 25th October 2015.

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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