Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mid-Week Rant

Mid-Week Rant

I am a big fan of Facebook. I love the interaction between myself, and my friends. And the very fact that I have met through Facebook, such a diverse, and international bunch of great people, gives me intense joy.

So to my good friends – please don't think this rant is about you. It isn't.

I am ranting about the xenophobic rhetoric that has insidiously invaded Facebook.

I am seeing lots of emotive anti-refugee pictures with equally anti, and emotive comments attached. And it terrifies me.

Some of these images originate from extremist organisations. I won't name the organisations because I won't give them the publicity.

Of course, I believe we should take care of our homeless. I also believe our veteran soldiers should be honoured and respected without restraint, and have our total support.

I wear my poppy with pride, and shall on Armistice Day, remember the fallen of the past two world wars.

The male members of my family fought in both world wars – and several of them won medals. One uncle (a British solider) was awarded France's, Croix de Guerre for his bravery in the first world war. Although my name does not appear English, I am very English with my family tree documented to the early 12th century. I say this – to stop in their tracks, anyone, who would like to point out I am a foreigner. I'm not. Just using my married name.

I am writing this article because I find it very difficult to see this lack of humanity, and understanding for the people fleeing from a war zone from some of my fellow countrymen.

As a mother, I can appreciate that to put a life-jacket on my baby, and risk evil traffickers, and dangerous seas, not knowing if you and your family will be safe at the end of your journey - that mother's plight, must be desperate.

Pictures are easily manipulated to produce an image that is untrue – it's called propaganda. Don't be fooled by it.

There were many good German people who did not vote for the Nazi party before the second world war – but those voices of dissent went unheard. Why? For one reason – emotive propaganda.

This article is not about the rights and wrongs of the middle east wars or the evil barbarity they have thrown up. It is a simple message to have a open mind, and remember, when looking at the images we see circulating through social media that they may or may not be true.

I hope, one day – we can all live in peace and harmony – together as one world. And tackle the real danger to this planet. Pollution in all its' forms, whether it is global warming or simply exhausting the earth's resources or destroying the environment we all share.

We should cherish this wonderful planet for its' diversity, and utter beauty. Without a sustainable living planet, we simply cease to exist.

And then – what will any of what is going on in the world today – matter?

thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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