Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lazy Sunday Review

Lazy Sunday Book Review

Another Sunday, to officially, do nothing. At least that's what I think.

The book I first chose for this weeks' short review – quite frankly is a good example of why Amazon should vet its' Indie authors a bit more carefully.

Melody and Murder by Leslie Leigh, is poorly crafted with little thought for the readers experience. My rating, a lack-luster  -- 1.

I've only included it today because hey – who knows, you might just enjoy it..!!

My next choice...
is A Reason To Kill, by Michael Kerr. 1st Book in the DI Matt Barnes Series.

This well written thriller gripped me from the prologue. The plot flows through the book, and the characters skilfully brought to life.

That said, the story-line is a tad hackneyed. A Mafia don, out to get a grass in witness protection. Good cops, bad cops, and a Sociopath. The main cop character's love life turning sour, a new love who is a Criminal Psychologist, and just about everybody out to get him, including an unknown enemy within his own police force, is a bit predictable, that said, it's a good read for a Sunday afternoon, if you are at a loose end.

I've included the links for the books to the UK Amazon site. (free status checked)

As like most people, I enjoy a freebie, so all the books for the Lazy Sunday book reviews are taken from Amazon's free book list.

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

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