Wednesday, 20 November 2013



November in England is supposed to be foggy, grey, wet, windy and generally weather wise, downright depressing – only it's not.

There's a light breeze, the sun is shining and where it is normally sub-zero temperatures it is a least 5 degrees above zero.

Freezing cold to some of you – but to us Brits it's practically summertime.

Hell - I was even wearing sunglasses taking the dogs for a walk at lunchtime.

The  wonderful weather has inspired me to create a new look for my website and a more zazzy blog.

This was the entrance to the marina where I live this time last year!

And this is me wading through the floods with one of our dogs.
I haven't taking any photos of today's weather – but trust me – it's 'nothin' but blue skies'.

So what's changed?

A brighter blog background for one. What was I thinking with all that brown? Ugh.

I'm especially delighted with the changes I have made to my web-site.

I've made navigating it simple with easy to read buttons. Got rid of some pages and added some pages.

I am particularly pleased to have included on my site a Book Bloggers page and an Authors page.

For up-and-coming authors, the exposure to the reading market via Book Bloggers and their reviews, interviews and promos is invaluable.

And I am a great believer that authors should help each other. From us 'new kids on the block' to the more established, if we share – we grow.

So I have set up a page to help my fellow authors.

About the page, someone said to me "Are you not scared someone will buy another author's book and not yours?"

My answer to that is – if someone wants to buy my books, they will and if they don't, then they wouldn't have bought them anyway.

If anyone is interested in either my Book Bloggers page or the Authors page, please contact me through Facebook.

There is no fee involved, all I ask is that you promote my website on your social media sites.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like – please share my blog.

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