Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Social Media - the greatest modern advertising tool?

Social Media - the greatest modern advertising tool?

As writers we are constantly looking for effective ways to promote our books. The rise in Social Media – seems to now be at the forefront of many author's publicity efforts.

One of the spin off's of this has been to open up the Indie publishing world.

What makes Social Media so special?

For starters – it's FREE.

And - it's GLOBAL.

A world-wide audience at the tips of your keyboard fingers. The march of the Internet revolution keeps going.

Face Book.

Face Book Groups.


Google +.


It's a long list.

All of the above and more, if you have a website, is a fantastic way of getting yourself out into the public domain.

How effective? Is a another matter.

I'm putting together an experiment. Not an in-depth scientific analysis - but my own version of how worthwhile this type of advertising is, as opposed, to the more traditional sort of book-stand magazines and newspapers etc.

I'm going to post my website on all the Social Media sites, and ask you my blog readers to share this article with all your Social Media friends.

Over the next two weeks, I am going to continue to blog, post on Face Book, and post on these medias, my website, and then report my findings with regard to the extra traffic generated.

I can only achieve this – if you help.

Thanks for reading this post.

Josephine Sanchez-Vanner


  1. Here is my two cents: You have to be the one to market your product or service (and in this case a book) otherwise no one will know about it. However, NOT everyone is on Social Media or is connected to you. The trick is to tell folks on line and offline about your service or product.

  2. I agree. My aim is to establish how effective using Social Media is, against the more traditional types of advertising. So far, the stats are very interesting.