Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Hunger Games -- blurrr....

The Hunger Games.

I watched, for the first time last night - The Hunger Games.....okay, I'm a bit late in the viewing of this disaster of a movie -

So what's all the hype about?

It's about a fairly – no – a very mediocre film, with a lose, see-through flimsy story-line.

Donald Sutherland, gave a good performance of a character with little or no depth to it. His part as the evil, and I'm assuming he was supposed to be evil, President, was at the very least unconvincing. He came across at most times, as simply - bored.

I'm sure I have seen similar films with the same dragged out trite rubbish as this film. Thankfully I have managed to forget most of them.

The relatively unknown actors did their best with a script that was uninspiring.

I won't bother you, dear reader, with the in-fill of the film, as there's no wasting your time or mine.

Let's cut to the end.


What end? There wasn't one.

We were left hanging, no doubt because the producers of this over hyped costly excuse of a film are looking to capitalize on subsequent uninspiring sequels.

District...0 to 12, haven't we seen, and heard this one before? Only that film had bugs, and I might add was a whole lot better than this one.

The girl – boy – boy love triangle was predictable. Her stay at home love, was handsome but obviously a total no hoper. The other love angle, a better bet or was he? We are being forced to wait and see.

God give me strength.....

Would I watch the next film in the series? No thanks.

There are films that deserve many remakes, sequels and re-watches – but this one is not one of them.

I am sure, there are many of you out there in cyber world, who disagree with me.

I've no problem with this...but I shan't be wasting my money watching the next Hunger Games..

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