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Spotlight on author Shameka Bonner

Shameka Bonner

Shameka Bonner, a native of Dallas, TX, is an eclectic writer, who has an insatiable appetite, for penning beautiful works of literary art. Shameka strives to use her gift of writing for good. She pens various, real life situations, to provoke thought, and encourage her readers to make wise decisions in life...avoiding the issues, and downfalls of the characters presented in her books. Shameka holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, from Texas A&M University in Commerce, TX. She spent most of her years in the workforce, prior to becoming an entrepreneur, serving in the field teaching. 

Shameka is the Founder, and Artistic Director of the United Christian Artists Talent Agency, where she is building a platform for artists to use their God-given talents, to bless, and serve their communities. Shameka has written, directed, and produced three stage plays to date...from 2009-2014, in both Dallas, and Austin, TX. Shameka is also a Poet, and Spoken Word Artist. She has released two poetic singles, which debuted on iTunes, CD Baby, and under her poetic stage name, "Bella Lyric."

Shameka is honored, and extremely grateful for every individual who spends their hard earned money on her products, and even more thankful for those who take time out of their busy schedules, to leave a review. She loves to hear back from her readers, in order to gain insight to better serve her readers, and to grow as a writer. Shameka is thankful for your support! She also wishes each of you the best in all of your endeavors as well! author/ shamekaBonner

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This short story should be a best seller – if it isn't – why isn't it? It's got all the right ingredients to be.

THAT FEEL Good, is one of the best short stories I've read in ages, and I get to read a lot.

Shameka Bonner is an exciting author who has that special something that surely will see her going places.

The author has captured the use of street speak by her characters to perfection, drawing the reader into a world of deep emotions, encompassing love, and violence, described expertly within the pages of her novel.

Shameka Bonner's heroine, Savannah Jackson (Cola), is a superb mixture of good and bad. Sassy, and full of worldly woman confidence. She is lost to who she really is, until one day Cola, is given no choice, and has to face the consequences of a promiscuous lifestyle. Finding herself, when she least expects it.

A must read. I couldn't put THAT FEEL Good, down.

Riotous's rating – five star - *****

An author to watch out for and one to definitely read.

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