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Authors Need Reviews

Authors Need Reviews!

Okay – so you've bought the book. You've read the book – but have you left a review of the book?

Authors live to get their books reviewed. Good ones that is.

Unflattering reviews are not generally welcomed. That said, even a bad review can have a positive side to it. Going on the premise that bad publicity is better than no publicity – though I don't totally support this theory.

When it comes to my book reviews, I've been blessed with the majority being on the good side.

I did have one bad review from a paid advertising blog, which I declined to place any advertising with. So I suspect that their review of one of my novels was biased, on me not having placed a paid add with them.

Funny thing was, all the authors who had advertised on this blog, got five star reviews. The rest of us who hadn't advertised their novels through the blog, didn't fare nearly so well.

Of course, I won't say who it is – but I often think of that bad review whilst drinking a cup of coffee!!

If you have bought a book from Amazon – and you enjoyed it. Then please, give a probably struggling author a break, and take some time to give the book a review.

Even a short review with a few nice words attached to it means an awful lot to the writer.

If you want to see more books written by that author, a helping hand with a good review, is a godsend. Give them a decent review – something like, “I really enjoyed this” or “Such a great book, I highly recommend it.” Is all you need to write. Your input to other readers is of great value because you are as they are – a reader.

Selling books means an author gets to eat – not being hungry really helps the creative juices.

Reviews on Amazon, and shares on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, make such a difference, not only to the self esteem of the author - but helps to get an author noticed in an industry that is notoriously hard to make a decent living from.

Only the well-known authors get publicized by Amazon, the just as good, and sometimes much better, unknown writers get side-lined.

There's a revolution going on in the publishing world. Writers, at last are getting a chance to show their skills to the reading public, thanks to Indie Publishing.

But those authors – me included – need the support of those clever readers who have discovered us 'new talents', long before the grand publishing houses have.

So join the revolution my friends – post your reviews and send out your shares – say thanks to the impoverished writer who gives their all to entertain you their wonderful reader.

After all without you – the reader – there would be no book industry.

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