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Josephine Sanchez Vanner- Spiritualist Medium & Paranormal Novelist. 

What's the problem with Ouija boards? Plenty.

They are definitely NOT harmless bits of fun.

Why shouldn't you play with a Ouija board?

For one thing it's a conduit between the Earth Plane and ethereal entities. If you are not aware of the influences that spirit can have over the earth plane, then you should not go anywhere near so dangerous a thing as a Ouija board.

If you have a Ouija board – my advice – get rid of it from out of your home.

If it's made of wood – BURN IT.

If it's made of something else – BURN IT.

IF you don't have the means to burn it safely – chop it up and throw the bits away.

Why am I so against Ouija boards?

I'll tell you.

There is evil in this world and when that evil dies, it doesn't automatically become good.

Although, I believe the goodness that exists in the white ether contains the evil that enters there, not all evil spirits pass completely from the earth plane into the white ether. Some evil stays bound to the physical world and it is things like Ouija boards that attract them to the unwary.

Years ago I met a young woman who came to my Spiritualist Church seeking help. She had tried the normal religious avenues but to no avail. She and her friends had been in her words 'playing with a Ouija board' for sometime.

Unknown to her she had psychic abilities. Without the knowledge to protect herself she attracted the base creatures that stay fixed to this world. She became ill. She ate normally but lost so much weight she looked anorexic. Her body erupted with lesions and the medical profession could find no reason why she should be suffering.

In desperation she came to us, and we knew immediately as soon as she told us of her experiences with the Ouija board what was taking place. She was under psychic attack.

We helped to heal her but she always seemed to me to remain nervous and frail.

What eventually happened to her? I don't know. She stopped coming to the church, maybe she didn't need us anymore. I hope that was the reason.

If you have a Ouija board – please listen to this warning.

Don't use it – dispose of it.

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