Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Casting out the Devil

Casting out the Devil

Someone asked me the other day – did I believe the Devil existed as a physical entity.

No I don't – was my reply.

I do however, believe the concept of the devil is far more sinister than the physical manifestation of that evil.

Why do I believe this? Just look at all the incredible evil man is capable of.

To blame the devil is to belittle the appalling acts of cruelty, injustice and all the base things humanity is capable of dragging into the chaotic world.

Chaotic because man makes it that way.

On my Facebook page, a fellow animal lover has posted a plea to pet owners not to let their animals out on Halloween because they are in danger of being tortured and killed. Black cats seem to be particularly at risk. I guess because of their past misguided reputation as being witches cats.

Man is the only creature that murders their own children.

Man is the only creature that hunts other creature's for 'sport' and not just to eat.

Man is capable of inflicting great pain on other human beings for pleasure.

And after centuries of war– man is still engaging in conflict after conflict.

So where's the devil in all this – unfortunately resting inside all of us.

The devil is an idea thought up to control the populace by a minority through fear, isn't using fear against people – devilment? I think so.

An idea does not have to be a reality to be real just have enough people to believe in it.

I think it is better to take hold of a another idea and believe in Angels.

Turn on the light and the darkness goes away.

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