Friday, 6 September 2013

Rejection don't let it bother you......

No point in pretending otherwise, rejection is hellishly painful, especially when it happens to you about your writing.

Everybody, in all walks of life, face rejection in one way or another, everyday.

And who of us hasn't handed out rejection in someway or another?

Let's face it – firstly – you could actually be a no talent writer.

What if you are not a no talent writer – then sooner or later (if you keep working at it) someone will recognize your talent. AND THOSE YOU DON'T - WELL – WHO CARES ABOUT THEM.

The list of well respected authors that have been rejected is long.

Stephen King, all but gave up his book writing career when his first book 'Christine' was rejected by yet another publisher. He threw the manuscript in the trash can. His wife had faith in him, she retrieved the manuscript and sent it off to one more publisher. To coin a cliche – the rest – as they say - is history.

And then there's J K Rowling......she's the first to tell you it took several publishers AND agents before she found someone to believe in her.

I wouldn't like to be the agent who passed over the fees that J K, brought in.

So, if those two respected and talented authors were rejected, then don't take it to heart when you are.

Keep plugging away – my friends and who knows, maybe, just maybe your turn will come. Then it's two fingers to those who were either too stuck up themselves to answer your emails or too busy to give you a chance of finding your dreams.

And above all have faith in yourself.

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