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Half Blood - Book of the Year 2013 - closing date for voting 27th December..last day to vote.......if you love books and writers..please use your vote.

Turning The Pages Book of the Year 2013 

I am thrilled that my book – Half Blood- has been nominated for Turning The Pages Book of the Year 2013 – in the following categories

     &  Book of the Year - Star

                   N Paranormal

                        Y Romance

                Q Adventure

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Brought up in foster care, Harmony Jones didn't know she was the first, and only half human, half vampire, until Zander Washington moved into the apartment across the hall. A full blood vampire he's been sent to kill her by the vampire council instead he's fallen in love with her. Now they're out to get him too.
Hidden deep under the Himalayan Mountains, Ar'ranma, the vampire city is where they must go to plead for Harmony's life.
Hunting them, the beautiful but vicious full blood vampire hunter, Celina. She wants her old lover Zander, back and and she wants Harmony dead, and she'll do anything to make it happen.
As love triumphs and the old ways change, the vampire nation is sent into turmoil.

 Chapter One

The first thing Harmony Jones remembered when she woke up was - she’d tasted human blood.

She’d felt its warmth cascade over her lips. Felt the sweet nectar of the life it carried coursing down her throat.

What half of her craved, and then answered the call of the blood lust? Certainly not the human half, but her mother had wanted her father’s love, a vampire’s love, hadn't she? Only the vampire part of her could feel that good as she sank her newly grown fangs into the pale soft flesh of the woman’s neck.

Harmony rolled her slim naked body over between the fresh clean sheets of her bed savoring the memory and found Zander’s body lying next to her. Like her, he was naked, and like her he’d drank blood the night before, only for him it wasn't his first time.

Zander Washington. Whispering his name softly, she watched the rhythmic rise and fall of his taut muscular chest, his breathing deep with sleep. Rolling back onto her pillow she listened through the half open bedroom window to New York ending another day and beginning another night. The cool spring night air drifted in, carrying with it the sounds and smells of the vibrant city.

Harmony had never known her mother. She´d been brought up in foster care. She’d been told her father died before she was born, and that her mother couldn't cope with her.

Her father wasn't dead. He was a vampire. Was her mother with him? Everything she believed in had been turned upside down by the vamp lying next to her.

Turning her head she watched as Zander began to snore softly. Harmony wanted to lose herself in their lovemaking all over again. She ran her hand lightly over his stomach slowly edging down towards his, for the moment, limp, manhood. Expertly manipulating his softness between her finger and thumb Harmony massaged
him, getting excited by his small flaccidness in her hand growing larger and harder from her efforts. Zander’s snore changed from a light nasal grunt to an audible groan as he trembled in her hand.

He opened his eyes and looked up into her sloping dark midnight eyes, set in a pale amber face, with gracefully high cheek bones. She saw by the way he looked at her, and touched her head, he loved the lie of her mop of thick, short cut, raven black hair, and he wanted to feel her full almost pouting lips, on his now thick erection. Harmony sensed that her lips, the color of fresh blood, gave him an uncontrollable rush of exhilaration as he placed his hands on her head and pulled her down to him. She caught the edge of his expectation as he waited for the exquisite sensation of her open willing mouth.

Making love with Zander, Harmony decided, was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. His arousal of her body was sensational. His touch sensitive and understanding. He knew instinctively a woman’s hidden desires, expertly finding her erogenous zones.

It wasn't meant to be this way. Harmony had never wanted to fall in love with him. She couldn't help herself. From the first moment Zander exploded into her life when he moved into the apartment next door, Harmony had felt the supernatural link between them.

She’d observed him coming and going, taking his things into his new apartment. In the days just after he’d moved in, when they passed in the corridor, he’d ignored her. At least his body did. His eyes said something different. His eyes studied her very carefully. She was sure she saw the corners of his nose twitch, as if he were tasting her aroma.

Harmony loved the night, she always had. As a child she would sneak out onto her bedroom window ledge and sit for hours just absorbing the feeling of its mystery. She’d always wanted to be a part of it - somehow she knew she belonged to it. Now she was the night. Finally she belonged to it, and she belonged to Zander, and he to her.

Zander’s body heaved on the crescendo of the orgasm she was giving him - then he was still.

Your turn.” he breathed huskily to her stomach. Moving down her body, he opened her legs: using his tongue expertly bringing her to a climax.

Would they drink blood tonight?

Or would they eat human food?

Everything she’d ever read about vampires had been turned upside-down. Vampires don’t have children with humans. Vampires can only drink blood. Vampires can’t go out in the sunlight. A vampire could turn a human into a vampire by biting them. It was all wrong. Zander had lifted the lies.

Zander got up from the bed stretching his taut sinewy body to his full height of just over six feet. Raising his arms high above his head, he gave a yawn of perfect satisfaction. The sight of his naked body thrilled Harmony’s senses. Her eyes traced the cobra tattoo that wound around his torso from his waist over his chest, across his back, the snake’s head finally resting on his right shoulder.
As he strode off to take a shower, she lay back on the bed remembering their first conversation.

Bernie’s Diner on the corner of 53rd and main was where they’d met, or rather where Zander had followed her to. Harmony went there every evening for breakfast before starting work on the night shift as a hematologist at the Mount Sinai hospital. She ordered what she always ordered; a steak, ultra rare, a side order of fries and a tomato juice.

She didn’t go to work that night, nor any other night, and she never went back to the hospital.

Zander filled her nights and days. He completed her.

Until she met Zander there’d always been a piece missing to her. Her psyche hungered for liberation; a longing that needed to be set free from so many unseen constraints. She was floundering around in a dark pool of unfulfilled emptiness. And then, there was Zander. All her longings and wishfulness evaporated in the essence of his magnetic presence.

She´d eaten her steak, aware of Zander’s dark eyes watching her every move. A tingle of anticipation coursed through her body, as she felt his intense scrutiny, penetrating her outer layers, into the depths of her soul.

Casually nonchalant, he approached her. Flopping down onto the seat opposite, throwing his legs up on the booth bench coolly crossing them at his ankles. He ordered a black coffee.

Harmony waited expectantly for the waitress to say something, like, “Get your hulking legs off the furniture, you jerk. Don’t you know it’s clean - ain't you got no respect?”

Mari had a wide reputation for poor customer service. It was also well known she was giving Bernie, something his wife found disgusting - one helluva great blow job.

Curiously, Mari said nothing: she just smiled at Zander, as she filled up his cup with the sweet smelling black liquid.

Winking a girl-to-girl wink at Harmony, she left them in peace and went back to insulting the other customers. Her employment was safe, even if Bernie’s marriage wasn’t.

Zander took a long swig of the hot rich coffee, his dark perceptive eyes never leaving her face. Finally putting the cup back down on the table, he´d said “Tell me, did your pop die before you were born?”

What sort of question is that? Harmony asked herself.

That’s an original line. No guy’s come up with that one before. Usually it’s, you've got the greatest something or other. Asking about my old man...that’s new.”

Let me guess. He died before you could remember him, and he died a hero...right?”

Why are you so interested in my father?” she retorted, annoyed.
Zander lifted a quizzical eyebrow in her direction waiting for her answer.

Look, so what if my dad was a cop. And that he died just before I was born. He was killed in the line of duty, okay? Are you smelling me?

Not on the outside…on the inside. You have no idea who you are, do you?” He leaned across the table and ran his index finger along the bridge of her nose, stopping briefly at the tip.

I know exactly who I am.”

No…you don’t. You know who you think you are, but that’s very different to what, and who, you actually are.”

And you know who I am better than I know myself?”

Yes. Yes, I do.”

Okay, smartarse, who am I?”

The main point is…it’s not really who you are, but what you are.”

She decided the conversation was becoming surreal and looked for a way out. How she could have imagined he was interesting in the first place, she could only guess at.

If you don’t mind, I’ll just eat and then go to work.” Harmony concentrated on her now cold steak with the distinct feeling that the good-looking guy who’d just moved in next door was a total nut job.

Come on...don’t pretend you don’t want to know. Has no part of you ever felt out of sync with the rest of humanity?”

Harmony curtailed a desire to scream. She’d always felt out of sync with the rest of the world, but being told your inner most worries by a complete stranger troubled her logic to the bursting point. How could he possibly know anything about her, especially what went on in the unhappy recesses of her unfulfilled mind?

Okay, again smartarse...what am I?” Do you really know who I am, because I sure wish I did?

You’re a half blood. Not a perfect being, but almost.”

Now you rude bastard, you just listen to me.” Harmony began.

He smiled a deep knowing smile that bordered on patronizing, but not quite.

You’re stating the obvious, one of my ancestors was black, and I’m proud of it. Now why don’t you go away, and leave me alone.” She went back to her cold bloody meal.

Thanks a lot asshole. The one thing I’m sure about of my parents, and you have to degrade it.

Zander swung his long graceful legs down onto the floor and got up from his bench, sliding himself next to her he said, “I wasn't referring to your human parentage, which means very little to me. I was alluding to your father’s blood…the vampire half of you.”

Harmony’s fork froze in mid-air. It was definite: the good-looking guy who’d moved in next door to her was a lunatic. Humor him, go to work, and ignore him.

I’m not a lunatic.”

Can he read my thoughts?

Of course I can read your thoughts. You see, I’m a vampire too. Only I’m a bit more perfect. I’m a full blood.”

Prove it.” Harmony said, turning to look him in the eye, but he'd gone. She hadn't felt him go. She hadn't heard him go. He was simply gone, vanished. She called over to Mari, “Did you see the guy sitting with me leave?”

Who gives a damn?” Mari answered in her usual polite way.

Harmony turned back. Zander was again sitting grinning at her in the seat opposite.

How in god’s name?” she managed to utter.

This is not the place. Let’s go for a walk in the park.”

He´d left enough dollar bills on the table to cover the food and led her out of the diner; into her new life.

That had been two months before.

Zander called to her from the shower.

Come and join me. I've still got an enormous erection.”

Vampires were not like human men; they were never satisfied. And, they gave complete satisfaction every time, all the time.

Harmony threw the covers back and headed for the shower, her nipples hard with expectation.

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