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Warning - adult content.

The Spanky Bottom Consultation.
By Josephine Sanchez Vanner

Chapter 5 – The Naked Oligarch Uncoupling.

Olga came round to the sound of loud music and glasses being clinked in the room next to hers. Weird she thought when opened her eyes and saw her reflection looking back down at her from a large mirror on the ceiling.

She was so excited at spending the week-end at Rawlings, the sexually explicit décor and scantily dress people running around the place had yet to filter through into that part of her brain where alarm bells would normally had clanged out a warning. Cousin Rupert had been an unexpected surprise but confirmed all she had read about the British aristocracy, a bunch of outrageous dysfunctional lunatics. Lord Rodney seemed nice though. Such a gentleman.

She forced herself out of her revere to re-examined the woman looking back at her from the ceiling.

It had been a long time since she'd looked in a full-length mirror. When she had married Olek, Olga had the figure of a Bolshoi ballet dancer, now she resembled a Gdansk ship worker.

What happened to me?” She wailed at her reflection. “Olek, that's what happened.” The other woman replied.

It was true. Her marriage to Olek had been a disastrous mistake her ego had made.

The raucous noise of debauchery from the room next door didn't penetrate into her pain. She didn't hear Olek's voice booming out his desire for more chocolate ice cream on his willy, and “Lick it off. Lick it off. Oh fuck, yes just like that.” She heard none of this. For the first time in a very long while Olga was seeing herself as she really was, frizzy haired, badly dressed and worst of all – fat. She didn't know where they came from. They just appeared. Long, wet, salty tears that ran in a continuous stream from her over made up eyes and down her plump cheeks, leaving a dark trench of mascara through her thickly applied face powder.

I I shit. I look like my mother.” Olga howled.

She rolled off the bed and made her way unsteadily to the bathroom. The misery didn't stop there. The whole room was one big mirror. From every angle loomed a large crumpled fat lady with frizzy hair and a tear stained face.

Feeling the weight of a very unhappy world thrust on her shoulders, Olga decided a bath would make her feel a whole lot better. Through her tears she turned on the taps and began looking in the bathroom cabinet for something that would create a froth of blubbery body hiding bubbles.

You wun me run baf fo you?” The lilting voice of Dolores asked from the doorway.

Olek, didn't find Dolores, as he searched through the house for her. He found something much better. He found the Chang twins. Emily and Emma Chang had come to Rawlings for the St Jude's Academy for Girls, class of 96, school reunion.

Identical in every way Emily and Emma, where for Olek, a dream come true. Long dark hair that flowed across their shoulders over juicy sticky outty boobs, and down their slimline backs all the way to pert butts. And ooh those eyes. He couldn't help it, Olek had a hard-on the moment he saw the two of them in the hot-tub wearing nothing but their smiles. Several bottles of champagne later, Olek had what he'd only ever imagined, but never experienced, his was the filling for a two girl sandwich up against his naked body.

Olek had a voracious sexual appetite, for any woman other than his wife. He had married Olga Soreninsky, because she was the daughter of General Soreninsky, now dead but once a high up member of the KGB. With his power came money, a lot of money, enough to be considered wealth. The hundreds of millions of roubles of General Soreninsky made his daughter the most beautiful woman in the world. He did his duty on the wedding night, and then spent the next 10 years avoiding having to to his marital duty again.

This unhusbandly behavior had changed Olga from a young woman, who enjoyed sex to it's fullest, went like a bunny all night long, and could take on more than one man at a time, into an evangelist prude.

Even by Russian standards Olek, was a powerfully built man. His neck started where his head left off, and his shoulders were so broad they blocked off sunlight when he stood in doorways. It was this impersonation of a Siberian ox that had caught Olga's attention. That and the fact his enormous penis was better hung than any ox she'd ever seen.

It was this giant sized cock that Emily was now trying to get her mouth around. She gave up, and used both hands to almost circumvent his thick engorged shaft.

Emma had different ideas. A man's cock was for her pleasure, if he got enjoyment out of sticking it in her that was his bonus not hers. If a man couldn't make her come with his dick, then she expected he do it some way else. Olek, whilst big, didn't match up to Emma's standards. She pushed his big Russian face into her pussy and demanded, “Fuck my cunt with your Ruskie tongue you great big bear.”

Delighted to oblige he sucked and licked his way to her climactic heaven. Three hours of giving and receiving multiple orgasms, Olek remembered he had a wife somewhere in Rawlings. Too exhausted to care, he let Emily and Emma, squash him into a blissful satisfied sleep.

Olga slid into the hot suds grateful that the bubbles hid from the many mirrored angles of the bathroom her lump of a body. She closed her eyes and forgot about Olek, he could be screwing cousin Rupert for all she cared. Olga was in a moment of time that she doubted she would experience again. She was taking a bath in an old English country mansion, run for her by the master's servant.

Her imagination wandered along the paths of romantic novels she had read. An English Earl, a country house, tea on the lawn and not a vodka drinking loud mouthed brute of a husband anywhere in sight. She sighed a long deep sigh, wishing that the moment would never come to an end.

Care for a drop of the old French joy? Dear lady.” Rodney asked coming to sit on edge of the bath. He held two glasses of champagne, one of which he gave to Olga.

To her surprise he slipped out of his bathrobe and joined her in the bath. To her greater amazement she didn't mind. His big toe found a part of her that hadn't been found in a long time.

Dolores tells me you were crying.”

Olga nodded, unable to speak due to the pleasure she was enjoying between her legs.

His toe penetrated deeper into her frontal crack, “I hate to see you up-set dear lady. I thought I'd come and cheer you up. Fancy a damn good fuck later?” He asked.

The intense moan of pleasure as she had her first orgasm in years, answered his question.

Holding her hand, Rodney helped her out of the bath, into the bedroom and onto the king-sized heart shaped bed. His erection told Olga that she was about to get a second orgasm and she couldn't wait.

The characters in this short novella are not based on any real person and are purely fictional from the author's furtive imagination.

I hope you enjoyed this 5th chapter in my naughty novella -

Coming Soon.

Chapter 6 – Steamed Dumplings and Borscht

Josephine Sanchez Vanner

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