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WARNING - Adult Content........!

The Spanky Bottom Consultation.
By Josephine Sanchez Vanner

Chapter 6 – Steamed Dumplings and Borscht

Have you seen the Pullemov's? They weren't at breakfast.” Audrey demanded to Rodney.

I wish the blasted woman would knock, Rodney thought, as she threw open the door and strode unannounced into his study.

With an expression that pointed accusation, she darted her annoyance at Rodney, saying, “Jasper and I, and that ridiculous friend of yours, were the only ones there.”

Nobody comes down to breakfast. They are all too shagged out. It's what they pay for. Non stop sex with my super dick consorts and then breakfast in bed with whichever super dick they have ended up staying the night with. Perhaps your Russians enjoyed the facilities. ”

As attack is the best policy for defense, he added, “And why the hell should I know where your Russians are?” Tucked up with her lovely squidgy pussy planted firmly in my bed. And as soon as you have buggered off, I'm going back up there for some more squidgy pussy.

Rodney gave her a look that was meant to convey she was disturbing him, and would she please go away.

It fell on deaf eyes, “So, have you seen them?” She repeated.

Rodney, lied one of his effortless lies, “No, can't say as I have. Try the pool area or perhaps the garden?” He smiled helpfully, mentally shoving her violently out of the door.

He gratefully accepted Audrey's nodding huff, as she gave up trying to get any sense out of him, and went in search of her quarry.

Upstairs, lying in his bed, hiding from her husband, and by now having eaten her way through a full English breakfast, of bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast with jam and a pot of Earl Grey tea, was the woman, it was hard to believe - but for the first time that he could ever think of, Rodney had fallen in love with. Not just the pretend one good screw for the night sort of love. He had found the real thing. He'd been hit by a ten tonne Russian truck and he was in ecstasy.

Putting the tips of his fingers together, he laid back in his chair and breathed deeply at the memory of the night they'd just shared together. The way her belly wobbled underneath him as he pushed himself in and out of her was stupendous.

And those magnificent thighs, he reminisced, his thoughts whirling back to how Olga had gripped his torso between her two thunderous legs. She was a machine, a gripping, crushing, sex pounding machine.

It took all of Rodney's control not to run up the stairs for another session of rolling and sweating with this lusciously overweight wonder of womanhood. She was the fat to his lean. Her ungrateful, adulterous uncaring thug of a husband had no right to get in the way of his having sex with Olga.

He didn't want to think that when the week-end was over, so would be his exploration of her body. And there was a lot to explore. The more Rodney thought about the rolls of fat clinging to Olga's stomach, and her udderously large tits, he knew it would be impossible for him to part with her.

Rodney ran up the stairs two at a time, which wasn't bad going for a man of his age. Half way up the wide staircase he collided with Olek, coming down just as fast.

Sorry.” Rodney apologized curtly, wishing he could take his shot-gun to the man and solve the problem of his being married to Olga.

You haven't seen my wife have you?” Olek rushed at Rodney, never considering he should also apologize.

Err... No. Sorry.”, Rodney replied then with a bit of quick thinking he said, “I think she may have gone shopping with Audrey.”

Thank god for that.” Hearing the good news, Olek turned tail and ran back up the stairs, shouting over his shoulder, “Get your maid to bring more champagne, the twins are thirsty.” With that, the giant Russian disappeared into the Chang twin’s bedroom.

If the twins hadn't been paying customers, Rodney would have ignored Olek but then idea struck him that with several bottles of champagne and room-service, Olek wasn't likely to leave the twins room all day. He about-faced and raced to the kitchen. He gave instructions to Dolores, to keep the champagne coming and to make sure Olek, not only didn't come out of the room for the rest of his visit, but that he wasn't capable of leaving the room, even if he wanted too.

His Olga awaited and he was going to make sure while Olek, steamed the Chang twins dumplings he was going to give Olga's borscht a mighty stir.

Olga viewed her reflection in the tall mirror Rodney used to make sure his attire was perfect each morning. She took a long appraising look at herself. Olek hadn't fancied her, so why in the Kremlin, should a man like Lord Rodney want her over stretched body? The fact he could not get enough of her blubber was beyond her.

She had lost count of the orgasms her aristocratic lover, had rubbed and pounded, her way. Just thinking about his Viagra enhanced, well proportioned love stick had the pleasure spot between her legs, throbbing wet.

A violent shudder of hate burst into her mind as an image of Olek interrupted her happiness.

Soon after they were married, Olek had gone in rapid succession from the man of her dreams, to the man of her nightmares. He made smacking noises when he ate, talked with his mouth full, burped and farted in company and in 10 years of marriage, he'd never once made her come. Not so much as a quick woo woo. On their wedding night, he was the only one up against the wall who'd got their rocks off.

How to get rid of the uncouth bastard was something Olga often spent her days dreaming about. She had him followed, not as he thought because she was jealous but because she hoped to get evidence of his unfaithfulness. Dada would have had him shot on the spot if he'd been caught, but the rat finked bastard had always been just that bit too clever for her. Adultery meant she could sue for divorce, and keep all of her dear Dada's ill-gotten wealth to herself.

No hanky panky on Olek's part and she was stuffed – by him, in the wrong way. He'd keep her money and she would be screwed – again by him, and again in the wrong way.

Two warm, never done a days work in their life, soft hands moved up from behind her and placed themselves on her very full ripe breasts. The tall mirror reflected a naked Rodney pushing his stiffy between her mountainous buttocks.

Loving the feel of his hard pussy fucker, she squeezed and unsqueezed her butt cheeks together, clamping him to a hot sticky climax. Still coupled together they shuffled over to the bed, throwing themselves onto the black satin sheets, and went in for a second round of squeezing and clamping.

Ooo..” Olga giggled. He so knew how to make a girl's clit vibrate with the merest of rubs from his moist cock.

Her only thoughts of Olek, as Rodney, nimbly titillated her pleasure button between dexterous fingers and his engorged cock was the desire to be a widow.

Meanwhile in the bedroom next door, Emma's tongue was causing a sensation on Olek's giant erection and his long, as big as a penis tongue, was sending sensational ripples of pleasure up Emily's open slit.

Olek was also wondering about Olga.

He was wondering why she hadn't come looking for him and how much longer this delightful piece of luck would last.

He'd given strict instructions to his bodyguards Ivan and Serge, to keep his wife far away from him, for as long as possible. However, he knew that even this most dedicated duo, couldn't keep her away forever - pity.

The murderous thought crossed his mind many times, of how pleasant life would become if he sent Olga, to be with her dear old Dada. He might have known that the sneaky old shit would second guess him. If Olga died before he did, the money died with her. And if he got caught fucking anyone but the old sod's darling, spoilt brat of a daughter, she could divorce him and keep everything. The crafty Arctic fox of a general had known his favorite capo just that little bit too well.

Oli...” Emma and Emily cooed in unison, “Oli, exactly how rich are you?”

A dozen oil tankers and a fleet of aircraft rich.” And a few other business interests that neither you or Interpol need know anything about.


Our family owns a chain of Chinese restaurants.” Two sets of dark almond shaped eyes, calculated behind warm oriental smiles, his monetary worth.

I like Chinese food. And I like eating Chinese pussy.” Olek laughed loudly oblivious he'd laughed alone.

After the first fuck, Emily and Emma had tired of the overbearing self-satisfying, Russian. He had stamina but no finesse, and as lovers went he was completely selfish - but as he was paying for the champagne they had put up with his boorish sense of humor and his 'me-only' attitude towards sexual satisfaction. If they hadn't spent all their monthly allowance on the reunion week-end, he wouldn't have got a look-in between their open legs.

As they had no money for 'extras' like champagne and caviar, the twins did what they always did when short of cash. They satisfied the fantasies of rich men, who saw no problem in paying for everything. It was the only thing they liked about Olek, his pathetic need to show them he was rich.

As tired of Olek, as the twins were, they reckoned he was good to replace their misspent allowance, and with a bit of prodding and a couple of blow-jobs he would add to their depleted funds.

They were wrong.

Olek, had no intention of funding them. It hit his male pride that he was about to pay for sex. It turned the Chang twins into prostitutes. And turned him off.

A small setback to the girls plans but nothing they couldn't retrieve. They had yet to meet the wife who wouldn't pay for a DVD of her husband's sexual infidelities and besides when they had each other and matching dildos, what did they need a lout like Olek for?

The characters in this short novella are not based on any real person and are purely fictional from the author's furtive imagination.

I hope you enjoyed this 6th chapter in my naughty novella -

Coming Soon.

Chapter 7 – Red Knickers and Tartan Underpants.

Josephine Sanchez Vanner

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