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My First Exorcism

My First Exorcism

Not long after I finished my formal training as a 'platform medium', and had taken my début service at a Spiritualist Church, I received a phone call to perform an exorcism.

A deeply distressed lady called me for help because of the late night ghostly visitations she was being tormented by.

These visitations took the form of loud bangs and knocks mainly on her bedroom door and usually in the middle of the night. She was a widow and had, unfortunately, been dabbling in the occult with a friend. They had been trying to make contact with their dead husbands.

These seances took place in the lady's house and had been successful in attracting a noisy ghost, and a lot more than she'd bargained for. Objects were being moved from where they had been placed, and several instances of things flying off of shelves and lights being turned off and on, were scaring the life out of the poor thing.

The lady was so terrified by the loud nightly noises that she had vacated her bedroom and was sleeping, or trying to, in her front-room.

As most of the manifestations were happening at night, I went to the house late one evening and as soon as I came into the house, I realized that whatever it was she had attracted to her from the spirit world, it had brought with it a deep emotional sadness and an incredible loneliness that filled the whole place. And that it had no intention of going away until it's presence had been acknowledged.

It wasn't a big house. There were two bedrooms upstairs and a living room and a large kitchen cum dining/living room downstairs. Fortunately, although it was a terraced house, the neighbours were unaware of what was going on beyond the separating walls, I didn't need an audience, with what was my second début of the month.

Armed with lots of theoretical knowledge and not much practical experience, I decided the best thing to do first was to bless each room in turn.

I started with the spare bedroom. I blessed it and said a prayer and as I felt no energies in the room, I went into the master bedroom.

That's when it hit me – full force.

The room seemed to be enveloped by the same sensation of sad loneliness I sensed on entering the house. I blessed the room, said my prayer and felt the entity follow me downstairs.

Sticking to my initial plan, I blessed the front-room, then I went to little back room where the lady was. Although I hadn't closed the door behind me, someone began rapping on the door, asking to come in.

Although, I had not long finished my formal training as a medium, I had been seeing spirit from a very early age.
(Please see my past post – The Hanging Ghost.) And as a medium, I'm not given to hysterics, but even I jumped at the loudness of the knock.

The sound thundered through the little house.
Shakily, the lady explained to me exactly what she and her friend had been up to, in trying to connect with her dead husband.

They had been holding daily seances, and had been using a Ouija board. (Again, please check out another post, Danger Danger – Ouija Boards.)

Even in the hands of a trained and very experienced medium, Ouija Boards bring with them a very real and pressing danger. They are not to be taken lightly, as this lady and her friend had been doing.

I asked her for the Ouija board, which she gave me, and I, with her permission threw it on the open fire burning in the room.

To this day, what happened next, still fills me with a deep thrilling wonder at what is often beyond our comprehension when it comes to the spirit world.

I heard a scream come from that Ouija board as it went up in flames, as whatever it was that had come through the board, departed.

The lady didn't hear the scream but with the Ouija board reduced to ashes, she visibly calmed down.

The demise of the Ouija board, did not however, stop the knocking. In fact, the knocking suddenly took on an urgency as the raps not only increased in noise level but became more rapid.

With the Ouija board gone, it was easier for me to deal with the knocking problem, as I had already identified who was making the noise.

The spirit who was making himself known, was none other than her husband answering her need to make contact with him. From here on, it was plain sailing, I gave the lady, evidence of survival regarding her dead husband.

He was simply trying to let her know that he was all right and that she should stop the seances and get on and enjoy her life until they were reunited again.

Once I had finished giving her clairvoyance, a wonderful feeling of peace descended on the house. She was happy that her husband had made his transition and had received a message from him.

She stopped having seances in her house and went instead each week to her local Spiritualist Church, were I don't doubt she received many more message from her husband.

The knocking, of course stopped, as it was her husband who was trying to tell her he was there.

As to the objects being moved and falling off shelves, that stopped too. That part of the haunting had nothing to do with the lady's husband but was, I believe, due to whatever she had encouraged, through the miss-use of the Ouiya board into her home. Destroying the board had worked in getting rid of what would probably developed into a poltergeist problem.

Over the years, I have done several exorcisms, but like most things that happen, this first experience has stayed vividly in my memory.

Thank you for reading this post.

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  1. Seances aren't for entertainment and Ouija boards are not toys. I'm glad you've warned people to be careful before dabbling in the supernatural. That's wonderful that you were able to help those woman resolve their problem and find peace.