Sunday, 8 November 2015

Amazon - free book list review

The Riotous Writer

The Sunday Book Review has changed.

I'm still going to recommend e-books from the Amazon free list. Thing is – Sunday morning when I check the list, guess what – they are not always still FREE.

Which means the book or books I have chosen and have pre-read, can't be reviewed.

There's no point in having a free book review if the book isn't free!


It also means I need to learn to speed read. Okay I'm a fast reader – but even I, the great Riotous Writer, can't read a complete book in about half an hour.

So – I'm going to choose more than one book, give the ones I have picked a quick once over, then post the links as usual.

Here's my first choice.

Omega Exile by – Stephen Arseneault.

Genre – Sci-fi – fantasy.

I liked this book because the point of view is by an alien rather than the usual human narrator.

First in a fairly substantial series of books of the same title - Omega Guardian – Omega Allegiance etc. – You get the idea.

I've enjoyed what I have read so far, and I think the book is worth finishing.


Number 2.

Blackwater Lake – by Maggie James

Genre – Physiological Suspense.

The story is set in England – and written in such a way that you want to keep reading.

It's every grown child's nightmare – Dad kills Mum - Kills himself.

As their son goes through his dead parents things, he discovers a dark secret kept hidden by them.

Edgy, intriguing and worth reading, best describes Blackwater Lake.


Last but definitely not least

Off Limits - by Lisa Cartwright

Genre – Romance

I chose this simply because Amazon wouldn't let me open it to read. So I'm guessing it's really naughty, especially as the cover blurb comes with an over 18 only warning – saying its HOT & SEXY.

Had a quick look – flows quite well –


I wish you a peaceful and happy – Remembrance Sunday.

thanks for reading this post...and if you enjoy my articles – please share them –

The Riotous Writer

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