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Scared of the Dentist? Here's how not to be...

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Scared of the Dentist? Here's how not to be.

Have you seen a grown man cry recently? Well I did the other day at the dentist.

Tattooed, 6 foot 4, built like a brick out-house, he sat quivering in his size 12 work-man's boots, waiting in terror for the dental nurse to call his name.

I had a bad experience with a dentist when I was a kid, and for years I wouldn't go to see one, unless I was forced by extreme toothache.

Very soon after I began studying to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I realised I had found something that was a world changer for me.

I discovered that by learning to communicate with my subconscious mind, it was going to be possible to radically alter, and improve the way I approached my lifestyle at that time. Including the things that caused me stress and anxiety, one of which was the dreaded dental check-up.

I am sure you have heard the expression 'I'm in two minds' – it's not just a saying – it is an actuality.

We literally have two minds. The conscious mind - the working part - and the subconscious mind - the part that stores all our experiences – good and bad.

Without realising it we hypnotise ourselves on a daily basis.

For example – ever driven home without remembering your journey? The drive is something you do a lot, so the conscious mind feels free to wander because your subconscious mind is programmed to keep you safe. If there is a sudden unexpected danger your subconscious will prompt your conscious mind, back into awareness of the possible danger to your safety.

The problem with the subconscious, is, as I have just said, it is programmed to keep you safe, and it remembers all your past experiences. If you have had a bad experience at the dentist or you have heard, probably as a child, someone else talking about a bad dental experience, then the subconscious goes into – keep you safe mode – and tries to stop the nasty thing from happening. Ergo – by making you scared – you won't do what has hurt you in the past. This is fine when crossing the road say – but not so good if you have a tooth that needs attention.

Through Self-Hypnosis you can talk to your subconscious, and tell it not to worry, and stop making you frightened of going to the dentist - because the dentist isn't going to hurt.

Self-hypnosis is very easy to achieve – just takes a little practice.

Here's how -

You need to find a time when you won't be bothered by noise or people wanting your attention, so turn off your phone/mobile, and sit in either a comfortable chair or lay on your bed.

Relaxing music is fine, that's why at the end of this article I have included two you-tube links to the type of music that will help you relax.

Getting into self-hypnosis mode is all about relaxation.

So, you are either sitting in a chair or lying on your bed. You need to get yourself as comfortable as possible. Now close your eyes, and take one long deep breath in, hold it for a moment then breath out, saying to yourself -

As you breath in -'I am breathing in relaxation – and as you breath out, 'I am breathing out tension.'

Do this two or three times – then take your mind to the top of your head, and slowly think your way down through your head to your face, and into your arms and upper body.

When you get to your chest – again think about your breathing for another moment or two – then carry on thinking down your stomach, legs, all the way to your feet. As you are doing this, you need to tell yourself - you are feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful.

When you get to your toes, think of all the built up tension in your body just flowing away from you through your toes.

This exercise, in itself, is very useful when you are feeling up-tight about something.

You should now be nice and relaxed. Here comes the part where we get you to talk to your subconscious mind.

Imagine you are standing in-front of a elevator door, there is a button on the wall by the door, you press it and the door opens. You step inside and the door closes behind you. On the wall by the door is a panel of 10 buttons numbered 1 to 10, above the door is a floor level indicator also numbered 1 – 10.

You press the button numbered 1. Imagine a gentle sensation of moving downwards. You watch the floor level indicator move from zero to level 1.

Now press the button numbered 2. Feel the elevator descend and as it does, feel yourself letting go of your tension.

When the indicator reaches level 2, press the button numbered 3. With each level you go down, you feel even more relaxed than you did with the level before.

You have reached level 3, so now you press the button numbered 4, enjoying the journey downwards to the next level.

With each button you press and every level you reach you feel more and more relaxed than you did at the level before.

Now press button number 5, half-way to total relaxation.

You have reached level 5 so now you press button 6, and continue down further into your blissful state of peace and tranquillity.

The indicator tells you, you have reached level 6. You feel so wonderfully relaxed as you press the button numbered 7.

Not far to go now. The indicator shows level 7. You press the button numbered 8. Down you go to level 8.

You press the button numbered 9. The level indicator moves slowly from level 8 to level 9 and finally you press the button numbered 10.

As you watch the indicator arm move from 9 to 10, You are now very relaxed as you reach level 10 and all your residual tensions have left your body.

The elevator door opens and you walk out into.........

It is up to you where you want to walk out into. Choose a place that you feel very comfortable with, the beach, a garden, a woodland or simply some place that you are familiar with - but a place where only you are. This is a place of tranquillity, of peace, of total freedom from all your cares. Here you have total well-being.

It is this place you are going to visualise when sitting in the dentist's chair.

You are now at the point when you can tell your subconscious not to be afraid of the dentist, and for this you need a script.

As you visualise your perfect place, repeat to yourself -

I look forward to going to the dentist. I look forward to healthy teeth.
From the moment I walk into the dental surgery I feel completely at ease.
As I walk toward the dentist chair, I feel more and more relaxed.
When I sit in the dentist chair, I feel a sense of well-being, and happiness.
When I sit in the dentist chair I am completely at ease.

****Repeat this short script three times – then you need to gently bring yourself up from self-hypnosis. You do this by saying****

Beginning to wake.
  1. Feeling more and more awake.
  2. Half-way to wakefulness.
  3. Almost awake now.
  4. And 5, fully awake and feeling alert and wonderful.

If you do not like using elevators – you can think of a set of stairs, and instead of pressing buttons, think of each level as a stair-step.

When you are actually at the dentist, and am sitting waiting your turn to be seen – just keep repeating the script to yourself.

Actually feel yourself calm and relaxed as you wait. When you are called – keep telling yourself as you walk toward the chair that you are calm and at ease.

Don't say to yourself – I am not worried – I am not scared. Worried and scared are negative words –

Use only positive words, such as – calm – ease – relaxed – happy.

Together with the relaxation music - I have included a Hypnosis session.

Of course, using self-hypnosis in this way, can help with any situation where you need to feel calm and relaxed.

Below are the you-tube links.

Poetry of Water – by Okanokumo

    Relaxing Sleep Music – by Acerting Art


     Fear of Dentist Hypnosis – by The Irish Hypnotist.

I am sure you will enjoy experiencing self-hypnosis......

thanks for reading this post...and if you enjoy my articles – please share them –

The Riotous Writer

background by courtesy of 'Stuart Miles' Dental picture - FreeDigitalPhotos,net

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