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Are Flu shots worth risking your health for?

Flu Jabs – are they worth the risk?

The Flu Jab

It's more than just a little prick.

It's Flu Jab Time – are you ready for some startling news?

I am sick to death of so called experts telling me what is good for me.

I know that drinking too much, and starting the following day with a hangover is not a bright idea. Haven't I done it enough times to know this? You bet I have.

I am a vegetarian. I can't stand meat, hate the idea of sinking my teeth into bloodied flesh. And it also tears me apart to think how an animal has to die, in fear and pain, just to feed me. So I don't do it.

Thing is – I don't expect others to follow my example. Free will and all that. If you want to eat meat, and apparently, according to the latest statistics, run the risk of cancer - then it's up to you.

For years we have been led to believe that a low fat diet is the way to go for a slimmer nation. So how come so many of us are walking around like hippos on steroids?

The latest medical theory is that - sugar is the new evil, and the main cause of the obesity problem. Of course, sugar makes you fat. Overeat anything, apart from maybe lettuce, and you are bound to get fat. Stands to reason – but I don't need someone to point out what is obvious to me.

And I what I absolutely really hate is being talked down to, as if I am a moron. We the people are not morons. We know these things – we simply choose to ignore bad advice especially when it changes like the wind.

I was told by a medical expert (doctor), who has turned out not to be so expert - that it is time I had a Flu jab. 

After an almost heated argument - me not wanting to have the jab - medical expert saying I must, I decided to do a bit of checking up on the subject.

I've never felt the need to inject the flu virus into my body when I can use the prevention option instead. Vitamin C, eating healthily, keeping away from anyone coughing and sneezing etc.

When I pointed out, to the young lady doctor, (half my age), that the flu jab doesn't work, as having had them in the past, and I still caught flu, she got seriously pissed at me.

How do you know the vaccine doesn't work?” She asked, “It's only just come out.”

Well here's the answer to her question.

It's quite simply really, influenza is an ever changing virus. It's not static, it mutates, where as the flu jab is not a changing virus it is just one strain of the influenza virus. If you happen to catch a different strain of flu from the one you have been vaccinated with – then hey – guess what – you've got the strain of flu you were not protected against. And there is a lot more different flu viruses flying around the world than just the one type.

In the US alone, the financial incentive to for the pharmaceutical companies to merchandise their flu shots, is worth a staggering $1.6 BILLION dollars. That is about 147.8 million shots distributed in ONE YEAR.

Remember I'm only talking about the US.

I live in the UK.... It's no better here.

I quote an article from The Daily Telegraph – a very well respected broad-sheet newspaper.


'The flu vaccine given to millions of people in the UK barely works, health officials have admitted, amid warnings that the number of deaths this winter will be the worst for 15 years.
Public Health England (PHE) warned that the main strain of influenza in circulation - which is particularly lethal among the elderly – has mutated from the type that was used in the jab.
As a result, it is working in just three per cent of people given it, when it is normally effective in around half of cases.
And it has no effectiveness at all against the dominant strain of flu in circulation this winter, which is particularly dangerous in the elderly.'


The virus has mutated, so at best 50% at worst 0%, and most likely only 3% – and the health authorities want us to risk the complications associated with the flu jab for – something with a 0% to 3% effectiveness?

So who is it that decides which strain to pump into us for a mere 0% to 3% effectiveness?

It's the WHO (World Health Organisation).

They don't make their decision as to which flu strain to use just before the influenza season is upon us that's for sure – because they can't. The stuff has got to be manufactured first. Then distributed, and that isn't going to happen anytime close to when the vaccine is needed. Sheer logistics stops that from happening. It takes from February up to August/September to produce sufficient quantities of vaccine. and if during that time a change occurs in the virus – then it's too late to do anything about it.

So my body has been injected with something that will make me feel unwell, and potentially cause serious side-effects. This to protect me from something I might never catch, and even if I do catch it, the vaccine I have been injected with, will, in all probability, not work, and I'll end up in bed coughing and sneezing and feeling crap anyway. 

On top of all of that – the cost of this potentially useless procedure is enormous to our struggling NHS.

The NHS spends about £100 million a year, with each vaccine costing approximately £7.60.

Am I alone in thinking this is just plain – Stupid?

I have added some links below to articles explaining in detail why the flu jab industry, (and it is a money making industry), like any other industry, is taking us all for an enormous ride.

Of course, there are some people, the old, the very young, and the sick who need to be protected, and I'm not saying for one moment that they should not be given the chance to have a flu jab that has the possibility of saving their lives.

Of course they should.

But the rest of us? The healthy majority – isn't it a waste of resources to force us to have something that in all probability will not benefit us in anyway – just so monetary profits can be made?

Quoting – nsbc International –

The hoax of the vaccine schedule is over, exposed by FOIAs in the UK. 
The hoax of the CDC’s interest in children’s lives has been exposed by its refusal to respond to a doctor’s FOIAs around its knowledge of vaccine dangers.

I have also included in the links an article about a 9 year old girl in Texas, who has been left blind and paralysed after having a flu shot. It is still being investigated whether the flu shot was responsible - but it looks to be a good candidate to blame.

Dr. Umair Shah the executive director of Harris County Public Health – said  Flu Shots are extremely safe and encourages everyone over the age of 6 months to get one.
"There are some cases, very rare, that a flu shot has a more reaction," 
That's no comfort to the child's parents who thought they were doing their best to protect their daughter from the harmful effects of flu.

Me – I've told my doctor – no way am I having a flu jab – she's just going to have to live with that.

At least I will have saved the NHS £7.60. Any medicines I need to help me get over the flu, should I get it, I shall buy from the pharmacy. Then I won't have anyone saying 'told you so' - without knowing which strain of flu I have caught. 

If you have the time - check out you-tube, there are so many articles relevant to the downside of flu jabs that I couldn't possible choose one to include - but it's worth taking the trouble to look. A real eyeopener.

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