Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday Short Book Review

The Riotous Writer

The Lazy Sunday Review.

I take books at random from the Amazon free book list, read the synopsis, and if it catches me, I down-load it and write a short review.

This week's review is -----

The Soul Keepers by G. P. CHING

The first chapter started off the mystery quiet well - but then took a few chapters before the plot began to unravel itself. It wasn't a problem as the story flowed easily enough.

It is about magic, and the central character, a teen called Jacob, finding out who he really is, and his supernatural powers.

It's nicely written, descriptive, and not necessarily a young person's book as such, although as I said, the story revolves around the teenager Jacob.

Basically it's a good read for a lazy Sunday.

There are 5 other books in this 6 book series, but they are not free – guess this one gives you a taste for more. Would I buy the books? Maybe – free is good for now though.

Book status - free as of Sunday morning - 1st November 2015.

Below are the UK and USA links.

have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading this post...

The Riotous Writer

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