Sunday, 10 April 2016

Amazon's advertising policy on adult themed books.

I've written this book – The Spanky Bottom Affair.

It's not nastily graphic. There is no violence. No cruelty whatsoever – just lots of naughty sex.

The book is about a rich guy, Rodney Augustus St John, who lived a life of luxury and then lost his fortune. The only thing he knows how to do well, other than spend money is – sex.

When the wife of a friend offers him money to bed her, and a list of other sexually neglected wives, who would like to make use of his prowess between the sheets. He realises he's on to a money making opportunity.

A husband coming home unexpectedly, gives Rodney the idea of using his ancestral home, Rawlings Hall, as a brothel.

The Rawlings Hall, ' Stress Relieving Spa for Ladies' is born.

Chaos ensues, when his sister Audrey brings her Russian clients, The Pullemovs, for the weekend.

Oleg Pullemov, spends his weekend bedding the Chang twins. Olga Pullemov spends her weekend bedding Rodney. Audrey's assistant, Jasper spends his weekend bedding Rodney's friend Giles. And Audrey finds love with a tax evading Greek billionaire.

There is more to the story, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

The point of this article is, I have found out, I am not allowed to advertise my book on Amazon because it has an adult theme.

Is this fair? I don't think so. I fully understand, the company not wanting to advertise the more explicit books.

But surely if a book is basically pornography, and they don't want the readers to know it is on their site, they shouldn't sell the stuff in the first place.

However, if a book, although directional towards adults, is simply black comedy with sex thrown in, then why shouldn't Amazon allow it to be advertised by the author, all be it, with a 18+ cert.

As an author of a humorous adult book, I feel discriminated by this, in my opinion, very unfair policy.

I am now writing the sequel to The Spanky Bottom Affair.

I don't care about Amazon's advertising policy, the sequel to Spanky is going to be just as sexually playful, and if I not allowed to advertise it through Amazon, then I'll let my wonderful readers do the job for them.

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