Sunday, 17 April 2016

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The Last Testament – by Sam Bourne

Sam Bourne's novel is about an ancient tablet, stolen from a museum in Iraq shortly after Saddam Hussein was overthrown, then smuggled to Israel, where the story is centred.

A disgraced diplomat, Maggie Costello, is tricked into joining Israeli/Palestinian peace talks in Jerusalem, only to find herself involved in a series of mysterious murders.

There's the usual love interest. Some really good research on the political problems of the middle east, let down by a sadly predictable ending.

Sam Bourne, billed by the Mirror, as 'The Biggest Challenger to Dan Brown's Crown'.

And, 'Compulsive reading...bears all the hallmarks of a blockbuster', by the Daily Express.

Not sure about that. I haven't seen the book hit any great heights in the popularity rankings.

The writing style was certainly more readable, than anything of Dan Brown's I have waded through.

The story-line concept did capture my interest in to the novel. Unfortunately that's where the draw ended - at the title. The book certainly did not live up to the expectations the book blurb let me to believe it held.

The plot was slow to start. It got going round about the middle, and for few chapters I was almost on the edge of my seat. Getting to the end of the book didn't make me feel at a loss, wanting more.

Would I buy another Sam Bourne book?

Yes. As I said, his style is readable, and I'll always give an author a second chance at grabbing me as a potential fan.

Am I recommending you go and buy this book? No, No more than I would recommend you to buy a Dan Brown, novel (which I am not).

It's an okay book, but that's as far as I can praise it.

Of course, it's only my opinion and all opinions are subjective.

Published by Harper/Collins – Available on Amazon.

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