Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Up-date about Spanky Bottom

Firstly a very big – Thank You – to those of my readers who have already downloaded -

The Spanky Bottom Affair.

I sincerely hope you have as much fun reading the book, as I had writing it!

I am posting today, because I have changed the book name from -    The Spanky Bottom Consortium  

to  -- The Spanky Bottom Affair.


Amazon algorithms. Blast the things.

I typed in the name of my book, and those wretched algorithms had put my book in the business section.

Okay, I'm thinking there are a lot of business people who might want to read the book – but the sort of business Rodney Augustus St John is in, is not for the boring grey suited business types. (disclaimer - not all grey suited types are boring - especially the ones who bought my book).

People who read my books have a wicked naughty sense of humour. And they want to find  Spanky in the section of Amazon where it belongs.

The no holds barred, riotously, rampant sex, section.

So, being the clever girl I am. I used lateral thinking and came up with -

The Spanky Bottom Affair.

Not to worry if you don't see the name change – Amazon is working on it. 

And now for a really big please – Please leave a review when you have finished reading the book.

I don't mind honest reviews – so long as they are good ones!

As always – thanks for reading this post.

The Riotous Writer

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